Saturday, March 11, 2006


Well, that's one way to send a clear message about the state of her marriage, but we're not sure it's the message she thought of: today's Daily Mail reports Madonna is making Guy stay at home:

"Madonna is sick to death of suggestions that her marriage to Guy is on the rocks and even that she is interested in another man," said a source close to the couple.

"Neither of them has any intention of splitting up - but they both know that marriage is something that has to be worked on. To this end, Madonna has imposed a strict curfew on Guy to ensure that they spend more quality time together.

"She has told him that he needs to spend a minimum of two to three nights a week in the family home, and that he should be back by 11pm, when the pubs close. Friday night, the Jewish Sabbath, is particularly sacred to her - she wants Guy to be at home on this night above any other. Madonna has also asked him to limit his drinking to three pints a night.

"While clearly not enamoured with his wife's rules, Guy has agreed to go along with them because he knows that throughout their marriage Madonna has let him get away with plenty. It is only fair that he plays ball now."

(Except, of course, the pubs don't actually shut at 11.) We're wondering if the electric ankle tag is on backorder yet.