Wednesday, March 29, 2006


No, no, not instead of her strange cult thing; she's going to do the dance as part of her big tour this year. Oddly, though, the tour is supposedly themed around (yawn) Studio 54, so we're not quite sure how Tommy The Clown's 1990s dance style fits in, but you simply have to try and keep up with the Black Eyed Peas, don't you?


- PF said... Check out how they do it in the Chi -- Chicago, that is. True footwurk...

Anonymous said...

Madonna is definately getting mixed reviews now that she's getting older. She knows that she is getting ready to settle out of the limelight. Only one more album to go until she ends her contract with WBR. She deserves much credit for staying interesting for this long. Love her or hate her, her songs still sell big. Her wish of conquering the world has come true. I hope she does release her last album and do a final world tour and relax and enjoy the millions of dollars she's earned over the years. I heard last that her net worth is somewhere around 800 million. I'm not surprised.

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