Saturday, March 04, 2006


Poor old Scott Stapp - not only is he having to deal with the internet circulating copies of that sex tape like a wartime forger churning out clothing coupons, but now he's being sued by one of the women in the film, too.

She claims Stapp has promised her the tape was purely for personal use, and that by letting it out of his possession, he's brought distress and shame raining down on her. And let's be clear about this: how horrified would you be in people knew you'd been tasteless enough to have sex with Scott Stapp?

Stapp, for his part, claims the tape was "stolen" from him.

We wonder who pinched it?

Kid Rock has blamed Stapp for losing the video, but he also called the video "perfect timing."

"I got a record coming up ... Maybe I should thank him," Rock told the AP in an interview Wednesday.