Friday, March 10, 2006


Watch out, Morrissey: you can't go round saying that you weren't surprised by the London bombings and not expect to be dragged off by a Superplod to answer questions, a la The Road To Guantanamo. Morrissey reckons Bush and Blair need to check themselves:

"My view was, how would anyone be remotely surprised? It's an obvious retaliation against Blair's intentions," he said. "And you can't refer to these things as being terrorist attacks and yet assume that the actions of Blair and Bush are not terrorism. "They're worse than terrorism, they're the actions of egotistical monsters."

"Bush views Iraq and thinks, 'Well, we will control this country eventually anyway so it doesn't matter how many people we kill.'"

Now, Mozzer - how can you say Bush and Blair brought these terrorist attacks on themselves? They're safely behind concrete barriers and troops and security guys, after all. It's the rest of us who become targets.