Saturday, March 11, 2006


That whole Take That reunion impetus just petered out, didn't it? Once all the tickets had gone it was like there wasn't really much point in anyone making an effort any more.

Still, with rehearsals under way, Howard Donald is convinced Robbie Williams will turn up:

"I know it’ll happen. If he doesn’t come on stage with us on this tour, I know at some point Robbie will once more."

Howard continued: "Never say never. We all know how successful Rob’s been with his solo career but then again he's got lots of good memories from his time in the band. He’s very proud of his roots. So why wouldn’t he?"

The most interesting part of that quote, though, is the bit about Robbie will come on at some point "if not on this tour" - so, this is back for good, is it, then?