Friday, March 24, 2006


There's a slightly contorted "she admitted for the first time to The Sun" - which make it sound like The Sun is the last, rather than the first, to get the not-entirely-surprising admission from Pink that she used to take smack:

“Heroin is a horrible thing. I’ve seen first hand what it can do to people and it’s not pretty. I was never that much in to it to need treatment.

“But if you’re talking about drugs — you name it, I took it.

“I buried three friends from heroin overdoses. But, you know, onwards and upwards.”

Of course, you can't talk about druks without being asked about Doherty:

“It sounds like it’s his way to be rock and roll. That’s sad.

“In my experience people are searching for something else. In relationships, in drugs, with everything.

“Sometimes when your life is full of pain, drugs give you an escape — then you end up dead or sick.

“It’s not a good place to be but I do understand it. I hope he finds what he is looking for.”

Maybe he should get a pole and dance for Kate. I'm sorry, nobody wanted to have that image, did they?

Interestingly, the paper sort of glides over how Pink turned from being on heroin to not being on heroin - she found other things to do, so decided to stop taking it - because it doesn't really fit with the paper's attitude to drugs. (Heroin = unbreakable cycle of addiction)

She also doesn't really help the paper when she talks about fancying girls, either - the Sun likes its bisexuality to be delivered by the actually heterosexual with extra panting, but because Pink's actually bi, it doesn't occur to her to paint it as a masturbation aid for the paper:

“I don’t put labels on myself, I’m just a happy girl.

“Carey didn’t want me because he thought I would sleep with women.

“I try to get him to tell me what girls he thinks are hot but he’s incapable, which I find inhuman because I find a lot of people hot.

“I’m the only one for that boy, which is sweet but it seems unnatural.

“I think Johnny Depp is No1 — always has been since I was little. I think his wife Vanessa is hot too. She’s gorgeous.”

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Anonymous said...

"I buried three friends from heroin overdoses."

Sounds like she could be going into the undertaking business when she retires.

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