Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The sex tape featuring Kid Rock and, uh, that other bloke, might not be merely an attempt to cash in on the fame and horror of Kid Rock. Indeed, the other bloke thinks that there might be a darker motive. It's all about him, see:

"Obviously someone wants to hurt me and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career," Stapp told AP Radio in a recent interview.

So, you think it's a music lover, do you, Scott?

Stapp admitted that the tape was made in 1999, after he was divorced.

He said he was young and immature and figured he was supposed to experience the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, but he said he wishes he had burned that tape.

Hang about... 1999? And you were born in 1973? I make that you were 26, Stapp - now, "immature" is probably inarguable, but "young"?