Tuesday, March 21, 2006


If there's one thing that drives Keisha Sugababes nuts, it's when that new girl and the even newer girl sit in the corner laughing and she doesn't know what they're laughing at and when she asks them what they're laughing at they say they weren't laughing at anything anyway. But she hates almost as much when men try and chat her up using 'witty' reworkings of Sugababes songs:

"When Freak Like Me came out there was a couple saying 'I'll be your freak,' but Push the Button has been the worst.

"'I'd like to push your button', and 'Are you gonna push my button?' and 'Oooh! I wanna push your button'. "That whole pushing the button thing? Fellas, please, stop it. It's embarrassing."

Yeah. Besides, something about in the middle is much more direct.

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