Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The latest great idea coming from camp Jacko: a duet with 50 Cent. Apparently, Jacko popped up to 50 Cent's mate DJ Whooo Kid at the Bahrain Grand Prix and "suggested" it. A source was on hand:

"The track would catapult Michael back into the limelight, which he is desperate for, and 50 has always been a fan."

After the bankruptcy, court cases, children sleeping in his bed, jurors muttering they think he's done it, Jermaine's book, the tortuous Katrina benefit single, the five-years overdue 9/11 benefit, the staff trouble, closing Neverland and all the other business, you'd think that Jacko might want to consider avoiding limelight for a while.

Still,we love the idea that he was chatting to Whoo Kid; Woo! Kid! was always one of Jackson's favourite things to say in the evening.

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