Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Finding space amongst the coverage of the guys with shooters who may or may not have been involved in the squilly-billion pound robbery, The Sun calls for the locking up of Pete Doherty. Presumably because now he's no longer supplying a steady stream of Kate Moss stories all he does is get arrested in the small hours, and that really puts a strain on the paper's already stretched night desk.

The Sun thunders:

The Sun today launches a campaign to get Pete locked up and off the streets.

Some will try to see a funny side in his latest comedy of errors. But the joke has worn thin. The reality is seedy and sad.

So far the legal system has been letting him do what he likes.

But it’s time to lock him up, give him counselling, offer him help.

Pete promises to be a great musician — but behind closed doors he suffers terrible depression and mental health issues.

He is prone to bursting into tears at any moment.

The constant arrests are a cry for help.

Pete MUST get a prison sentence before he dies or causes a major traffic accident.

Yes... lock him up as a, erm, road safety measure. Good god, the man cries, what more evidence does a judge need to slam him in the Scrubs.

Unfortunately, the paper doesn't find space to suggest which of Her Majesty's Prisons would be the best place to send a vulnerable, depressed drug addict to. Perhaps they'll get Jeffrey Archer in to come up with some ideas.