Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Bitterly angry that someone (else) would seek to try and make money out the corpse of John Lennon, Yoko Ono has had her people rustle up an outraged statement about the proposed pay per view Lennon seance:

"John Lennon was an amazing communicator of heart, mind and spirit. He still speaks to those who choose to listen to his recordings. That was the medium he chose to speak with us. The proposed show strikes me as being tasteless, tacky and exploitative."

That's a whole different sort of explotativeness to, say, the remaking of an airport with Lennon's scribbles all over it, or the soft toys based on his doodles, of course.

And we're not sure that this is entirely true - didn't Lennon once say that he'd try and communicate from beyond the grave? Certainly he said something about dropping a feather from heaven, rather than re-releasing a box set to send a message to Julian.

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Anonymous said...

Lets not beat about the (Kate) Bush, Yoko is a Yo-Yo. Always has been and always will be. Her take or slant is as always her own and worthy of an asylum inmate

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