Tuesday, April 11, 2006


As if the upheaval of a World Cup isn't bad enough, and as if the imminent Embrace official hymnal hasn't tried our patience already, Bez is adding to the mix with his first ever solo single in honour of the event.

For the benefit of our American readers, the World Cup is an opportunity once every four years for young England players to be strapped in a chair and force fed alcohol, except for those with gambling debts who can simply look forward to being strapped in a chair and forced.

Here is a glimpse at Bez's tune, One Dream:

One ball/
One team/
Three Lions/
One dream

At least, to be fair, he's twigged that England would need only one team turning up to stand a chance of getting beyond the second round.

And, before we can take comfort in the thought that "at least there's no bloody Fat Les this year," Alex James and Keith Allen are thinking of reviving the half-joke. With alleged pub-fighter Ian McCulloch on board, warns James:

"Ian McCulloch's been singing 'Come on, come on, you fucking England' to the Bryan Ferry song 'Let's Stick Together'. You take the backing track from that, stick McCulloch singing 'Come on, come on, you fucking England!' and Embrace can fucking suck my cock."

If Danny McNamara giving head to James would make it stop, perhaps somebody could try and persuade him it would be in all our best interests to do so? Come on, Danny, it's not an unpleasant way to spend an evening and it could keep Keith Allen out a recording studio.


Anonymous said...

Bez's first solo single. Possibly only released in Australia.

Eric2 said...
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Eric2 said...

oh my bad, worng Harrison...

Anonymous said...

NEWS: Bristol Based Singer set to Win World Cup of Songs

Even non-football fans are already singing THE HIGHEST HIGH by ADAM BOSTOCK.

It's been compared to Robbie Williams singing a Lightening Seeds song backed by The Doors. It's a far more rousing song than Embrace's World at Your Feet which is a rather dispassionate song and uninvolved. Embrace is an unusual choice to front a football song given their fairly somber mode of delivery but when all's said and done the one we'll all be joining in with will depend on ultimately the most rousing and singalongable tune, not whether the band singing it have the backing of the FA, who after all run football very successfully but one wonders who makes the musical decisions. Perhaps it was based on the fact that Embrace have a large following.

As for Justin Hawkin jingoistic attempt to incite our fans to remember the war and go out fighting. Well.. it just beggars belief. He clearly needs to court controversy to get attention which is sad. Time to move on and realise that Football is only a game albeit one that makes a fortune for many and runs some people's entire thoughts and behaviour.

Let's give them all something to sing about. I reckon even the foreign national soccer teams might even join in with The Highest High.

To hear The Highest High and purchase official merchandise please visit:


The Highest High is due for release from Matchbox Recordings.
Adam Bostock is lead singer for Bristol based band Saturdays and Sundays.



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