Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well, she'd had an easy time of since her comeback, apart from a few quibbles about the lack of leotards in the videos, but the honeymoon had to end: Kate Bush has been named and shamed.

Apparently, her website has been called the "most inaccessible" in a prize giving (or, in this case, prize witholding) by the National Library for the Blind. Which seems a little unfair - it might not be the easiest site to navigate without site, but to suggest that it's the worst in the entire world seems a little harsh. We hope they didn't single Kate out because they thought her name might generate more press coverage than, say, giving the prize to one of the 60% of government sites that fail to meet accessability standards.

[Plug: They've just re-released Kate's back catalogue on those kind-of-like-vinyl CD editions, including The Kick Inside and The Sensual World]


Anonymous said...

typo --> might not be the easiest site to navigate without sight

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Ah, but that would make no difference to a screenreader...

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