Monday, April 10, 2006


We're not quite sure how far her involvement goes, but Liz Phair's cascade down from icy indie queen to American Idol wannabe didn't apparently end with the album where she teamed up with the people who made Avril Lavigne. She's now teamed up with Ralph Lauren Hot, which we were disappointed to discover is yet another perfume and not a deli sandwich.

We say we're not sure as after about twenty miutes the Hot website hadn't finished loading up, but if the teaser ad is to be believed, as well as providing a soundtrack for what may be the most-lazily fragrance in toilet water history, Phair appears to have given an interview to one of Lauren's models.

Sometimes, it's nice not to be asked questions about what direction you seem to be heading in.

We're also delighted to see the site offers a contest to win $500 worth of Lauren clothes - which, at his overpriced levels, would be a pair of knickers and a hanky.

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