Saturday, April 15, 2006


There is something extraordinary - especially coming in the week when Shayne Ward realised that he doesn't have any money and Gareth Gates pretended that working in a leisure centre was what he wanted all along - in the reports of Darius Danesh's new lifestyle:

"Darius has come a long way.

"His critics said he had no talent and would end up a nobody.

"But he's working on his third album and is living in the Hollywood Hills in a million-pound mansion with his gorgeous film star girlfriend.

"It's hard to believe it's the same person who was laughed off Pop Stars as a joke-figure.

"Darius is living the high life now."

This, by the way, is reported as coming from "a source" - the truth, which we guess is "Darius, speaking in a high-pitched voice with a hanky over the telephone mouthpiece", wouldn't have fitted.

Of course, it's not quite the rags to riches story it seems - if you're looking for a "Man lives off his girlfriend's earnings while working on an album nobody would buy" story we could lead you to loads in many towns here in Britain.

We're also a little uncertain as to how he's actually living in Hollywood when, erm, he's not actually living there:

Natasha, who is currently starring in hot US drama series Commander In Chief, last night confirmed Darius, 25, had moved in.

The actress said: "Yes, Darius lives here now, although he's out of town at the moment."

He's not just using it as a mailing address, is he?