Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It was like a fairytale. Eminem and Kim Mathers fell all over in love again, and remarried, he promising this time he'd really put some work into the loving, the honoring and the cherishing; she making vague promises about not looking too closely at the tattoo of her grave he had done.

But having got remarried all over, there's only one thing left to bring full closure. Three months in, they've just filed for a brand new divorce.


Anonymous said...

And after he spent so much effort putting his singing career into reverse by refusing to tour, telling everyone he wasn't go to make music any more, making peace with his mum, distancing himself from his mentor and (ice on the cake) re-marrying his former wife - arguably the two women who were responsible for his lyrical success - he now looks like he wants to start the process all over again by ditching the missus.

Next step: finding a new mentor (maybe another NWA member?), a new mentee (someone hopefully with more talent than bullet wounds this time) and writing some decent material.

Every silver cloud etc etc

Anonymous said...

If I was Kim I don't think even a radio and a mustard sandwich would stop me thinking about the tattoo of my grave.

Could Hailee and Frances Bean Love form some sort of support group now and cut out the middleman's drug-addled years and suicide attempts?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It must be odd, musn't it? You feel a bit frisky, you start to unbutton your husband's shirt, and get an eyefull of your own grave. I mean, if it was nicely done, it'd be different. He could have at least found a tattoist who could do a decent cherub.

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