Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Sophie AndertonLast week, Daniella Westbrook had a pop at Pete Doherty. Today, Sophie Anderton is having a go. Doherty, clearly, is the addict even other addicts (and reformed addicts) despise:

"I admire Kate. Anyone who can admit they need help is on the right track to recovery.

"But Kate's taste in men is as bad as mine used to be. What does she see in Doherty? He's a dirty fucker. I couldn't let him touch me with those hands, they're all dirty. And he's obviously still on drugs. He needs to be dunked in Dettol. He needs a good scrub."

Trouble is, Sophie, Pete probably mainlines dettol when he's between Methadone scripts so we're not sure it'd make much difference.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Sophie has recovered from her substance addiction, and at the same time developed a healthy dose of Howard Hughesesque OCD.


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