Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Field Music, The Pipettes, The Black Neon... and many, many more. All for free, thanks to Memphis Industries, who have pulled together a free album of some of their best stuff. It's free. Did we mention that?


mrpink said...

no ur wrong, free stuff is cheep
btw ur a looser

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

When you say I'm a looser - looser than what? Or do you mean I am one who loosens something?

Anonymous said...

Hey there Simon dude,
maybe, Mrplinky means looser as in loose and free and far out (man/woman/person) Anyway, I notice in Mr Plonkers post a cheep reference... M.O.T.R. Ooow weee.
I hope rplunk isn't making personal remarks about your digestive procceses.
mrpink is probably asleep by now, sent to bed extra early. 'kin hope so.-'hole.

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