Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Damon Albarn reckons he's glad that his current band are a bunch of cartoons, what with him being so reticent and all:

"I'm actually happier. I just like being able to get lost in the music and not worry about it. I don't feel so exposed, basically. Even though I was a frontman for many years, I don't think I'm actually that comfortable with it. It's what I did when I was younger and it had its course and then it stopped.

"The image and the artifice of music is something you have to be really aware of, otherwise it can destroy your music. If you allow vanity to get in the way, and ego, that's where so many people go wrong. That's why so many people start out brilliant and end up shit."

Of course, if he really was that bothered about the limelight, he'd be learning the drums rather than giving interviews about how he likes being on the fringes.

[Plug: 3862 Days, Stuart Maconie's history of Blur's first 10.57 years]


Anonymous said...

Why do you dislike Damon Albarn so much? Is it the whole of Blur?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I don't dislike Damon Albarn completely - I just feel terribly let down that this beautiful ball of energy who I watched scampering up the amp stack at Liverpool Poly fifteen years ago has turned into the sort of person who gives high-profile interviews about how he hates the limelight so.

Blur were wonderful, although 13 was a little over-egged.

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