Wednesday, April 12, 2006


TAG are demanding $100 million from Jessica Simpson. They feel the reason why nobody is wearing their range of Simpson endorsed sportswear is because Jessica Simpson doesn't.

Simpson has or would have pocketed the best part of ten million bucks from TAG in order to turn up at places wearing her own line of clothing; not only do they say she's failed to do so, but she's even trilled away about how her favourite clothes are made by, erm, other people.

Simpson's lawyer, Jed Ferdinand, said: "She denies it. It's absolutely untrue. That's what the evidence will show, and she will vigorously fight the lawsuit."

It's great that she's got a strong lawyer fighting her corner, but it's going to come as a shock to the team at Legal Advice by Jessica S, who thought they'd had a deal to provide all her public representation.

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