Thursday, April 06, 2006


Reading of the details of Keane's playback album launch last night at London Bridge tube station the phrase that recurrs is "trying a little too hard."

Entry was only granted into the venue by flashing a photograph of a lift within the station along with a carboard invite scrawled with a list of instructions.

The select few were then invited to enter a doorway within the station which led to an underground venue where Keane's second album was premiered, and the band later played four live tracks.

As fans were led through a secret passageway, they were treated to scenes which were almost like a ghost train ride, with empty high heels dancing away in the corridors and Victorian maids handing out seafood and manuals containing the album lyrics.

Tom warns that this time, ooh, Keane are going to be darker:

"This is very exciting for us. This is probably a record that will shock you and excite you in equal measure."

Like a miswired vibrator, then?

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Peter said...

'OMG' I was there and made the same vibrator joke! Then realised anotherm member of Keane was behind me. :(

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