Thursday, April 06, 2006


Although this year's line-up of musical events for Somerset House has yet to be finalised or announced, adverts purporting to be the official line-up have started appearing online.

The hoax ads claim Radiohead, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and KT Tunstall will be playing - apparently none of these acts are on the shortlist, and Somerset House seems a bit prickly that anyone would fall for the suggestion they'd come up with such an obvious line-up:

"The official announcement of the live programme at Somerset House this summer will be made in early May 2006. We have contacted Westminster Trading Standards to investigate this hoax."

After the microphone was switched off, it sounded like they said "after all... that bunch? That would make for a predictable V bloody Festival. I'll bet it's the ICA pissing about again. Let's go and steal their pig mascot...", but we might be imagining that bit.

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