Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Besides worrying that her butt is too damn small (she's doing exercises to cope with that, rather than the more obvious "enjoying cheese"), Nadine from Girls Aloud hates people thinking she looks like Victoria Beckham. Simply because she's stick thin, has the same haircut, and is in a five-piece girl band who are starting to clutter the place up.

She thinks the hair is the main problem:

“I have the same hairdresser as Posh, so I suppose that’s where some people may find a comparison. But I don’t try to look like her.”

Which makes us think of this old joke:

Bloke walks into a barbers and says "I want my hair cut like Phil Oakey out the Human League."
The barber says okay, and sits the bloke down. Ten minutes later, after much chopping and combing, the bloke's got a number two crop.
"What have you done? Phil Oakey doesn't have his hair cut like this," he rages.
The barber sniffs. "He does if he comes here."

Maybe Nadine should ask to try the senior stylist next time. Go on, Nadine. It's worth the extra fiver.

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