Saturday, April 22, 2006


The always controversial PETA have launched another round of their annual "sexiest vegetartian" competition, and run into hot water straight away by nominating Propagandhi's Chris Hannah.

Hannah has requested to be withdrawn:

Ok, before anybody gets their will-knots all tied up in a triple-knot, NO, we did not nominate ourselves for Peta2’s “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” contest. We just heard about it ourselves, so calm down and lighten-up.

We’ve kindy requested that they remove our names from the nomination list, mostly since the inclusion of our collective stallion-hood makes the whole thing unfair for all the other people on the list who aren’t blessed with our natural beauty, but remember whiners: if people could just smarten up and not treat animals like living garbage, Peta would go away and not bother you with their “frivolous” campaigns while you stamp your feet and demand your right to be able to gorge yourself on a dead pig’s asshole.

So shut your meat-holes for once and for god’s sake, brush your teeth before you talk to us.

We get the impression that the problem is that they object to animals being treated like pieces of meat, but also to people being treated in a similar manner.