Wednesday, April 12, 2006


In a bid to raise some interest in the Virgin Radio breakfast show, Christian O'Connell has resurrected the "fan's song for England" idea which stood him in good stead when he was at XFM. This time, a poll has been arranged and Jimmy Pursey has won. He's going to rework Hurry Up Harry as - of course - Hurry Up England.

If you need us, we'll be in the corner sobbing.


Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, it won't be a patch on Mitch Benn's "Embrace" World Cup song from Friday's The Now Show.

If you missed it, lucky for you has the podcast of the show. It starts at 13:40 in.

James Cridland said...

Don't knock it yet: you ain't heard it. (Yet).

First place to hear it will be on Christian's website, where you can also read the show's (Blogger-powered) blog.

Anonymous said...

from an old popbitch:

"Jimmy Pursey was on Virgin Radio last Friday playing a demo of his England World Cup song. Hurry Up England, based on Sham 69's Hurry Up Harry. Pursey told Christian O'Connell that his item on England songs had inspired him.

It seems what really happened was that Essex group Mottys Sheepskin, recorded Hurry Up England, and contacted Pursey through a former Sham 69 roadie to get clearance. Pursey said he'd sign an assent form, but they never heard from him again. He then recorded his own version.

Johnny Splodge said...

read this story!
it reveals what really happened between sham 69/virgin radio and motty's sheepskin.

motty are the real deal

their version will be released on the 24th of april this month

griggs crombie said...

yep motty's have recorded the first and best version, months before mr pursey and virgin's "idea"

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