Friday, April 21, 2006


The Sunday Times' annual "richest entertainers in the UK under 30" list has just been published, topped off by Vanessa Mae, whose job involves rising out of the sea, swimming pools, etc, wearing a soggy top and playing the fiddle. That brings in some £32million – notably, quite a bit more than violinists who don't combine their music with a wet t-shirt contest.

Beyond that, the top ten is a little odd:

1. Vanessa-Mae - £32m
2. Kiera Chaplin - £30m
3. Guy Berryman - £25m
4. Jon Buckland - £25m
5. Will Champion - £25m
6. Chris Martin - £25m
7. Karen Elson & Jack White - £20m
8. Orlando Bloom - £14m
9. Daniel Radcliffe - £14m
10. Kate Winslet - £12m

We do love that they've listed the four members of Coldplay in alphabetical order, so it appears that the three you've never heard of are just slightly richer than Chris Martin.

Surprising to see Jack White in there, too – the rules state that you have to have been born in, or live in, the UK, and we were under the impression that Jack's main place of residence was Nashville. And that he was born in Detroit. Sure, he might only be in because he's been lumped in with his British wife Karen Elson, but… it seems to be an unappealing fudge.

Oh, but more bemusing still is Kiera Chaplin's place on the list. Her dayjob is running a website for the obscenely rich to be united with their hearts' desires (those that have hearts, of course), which doesn't constitute being an entertainer by any definition we've yet come across.