Friday, April 14, 2006


Now, conisdering that Private Eye dedicated two columns to pointing out that Victoria Newton's Bizarre gets its stories as wrong as often as it gets them, well, even more wrong, it's worth approaching her scoop that Robbie Williams will join Take That onstage in Manchester with a degree of caution. Especially as Newton builds in a get-out if in case it doesn't happen:

Robbie has insisted to aides that if the sensational story is made official anywhere then he won’t turn up on the night.

Not that Newton's feeling prickly about the laughing at her "exclusives" or anything:

And he did it when I revealed in June 2003 that former Take That pal MARK OWEN would do a duet with Robbie during his Knebworth shows.

Cast your mind back. There were furious denials of my story . . . only for Mark to join Rob on stage two months later at his historic shows to duet on Back For Good.