Friday, April 14, 2006


In an "exactly what the Brits wanted" moment, Johnny Rotten has launched a middle-aged tirade against plans to give them a lifetime achievement award:

“I don’t want to know. They’re wasting their time — and they’ve been doing that for a long time.

“They think they can just come along and use us. We’re not a prop. We were never anyone’s prop, right."

John Lydon's appearance on I'm A Celebrity, of course, was quite different. Quite, quite different. And, of course, the sending of a sniffy handwritten note to the organisers of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame shouldn't be interpreted as a stunt giving them a prop to wave around and attract extra attention, certainly far more coverage than if the band had simply not turned up. Oh no.

“They’re just trying to glean some credibility.”

Yes, nothing says credibility like having a fifty-year old estate agent pretending to be an anarchist.

“I wrote something that meant something and had a serious effect on society. That’s a lifetime achievement.”

“If they find themselves in a dumb-arse predicament it’s because they didn’t listen in the first place.

“The only person they can blame for getting the music industry into a state of arseholes is themselves. It’s too late to come back and go, ‘Oh, help us out’.”

If you like this sort of thing, you'll be delighted to hear that Des Lynham will be complaining about gas companies selling electricity and Tony Slattery moans about people saying "different to" on Grumpy Old Men, BBC TWO, this evening at 9.30.