Thursday, April 06, 2006


We're quite fond of Living TV - anything that had the foresight to buy up ANTM and Boston Legal is fine by us - but they dropped a bit of a hairy prairie oyster last night.

Last night they dedicated an hour programme to how terrible it was celebrities are so thin, focusing mostly on Victoria Beckham and the other one off the Paris Hilton show. Of course, even they realise that there's no earthly reason why bullimics and annorexics shouldn't be treated with the same dignity you treat people with other illnesses, so to try and take away the sense this was "Look! Look at the freak's ribs! She's a like a xylopohone in a gucci flightcase", they added a quasi-educational layer of reminding people that you need fat, and that it's terrible people in this society of ours feel the need to shed more and more weight, pushing themselves to the point of death in order to seek approval.

Almost as soon as the last word had been uttered in the script, the screen shrank to make room for a gaudy trailer for The Biggest Loser, the enforced diet programme which offers approval and prizes to those who shed more and more weight.

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