Monday, April 03, 2006


Oh. Pink is co-editing 3AM this morning - we doubt if she actualy did any of the writing, and probably just turned up for the photo byline, so working just as hard as the normal 3AM girls, then - and... well, in the battle between the smart, sassy Pink we love and the half-formed thoughts of the Try This Pink, it's the latter who wins out.

Not that she's totally wrong:

WOMEN had to fight to get where we are now but if you look at popular culture you'd think we're completely happy in thongs with a stripper's pole between our thighs, and all we care about is the latest pair of shoes.

... but, erm, isn't this the same woman who did the whole pole-dancing thing for the papers last week?

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Anonymous said...

There was a column by her in yesterday's Observer, too, though I wondered if part of it was ghost-written - I can't see that Pink has much time to keep an eye on the latest ICM polls :-),,1744690,00.html

Eleanor G

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