Saturday, April 01, 2006


"But it's for charity" wailed everyone at the not-entirely-surprising news that someone was trying to scalp tickets for some sort of pro-UNICEF night with Victoria and David Beckham. Somebody had got hold of tickets, and was selling them on for some ridiculous ammount like £23,500.

London-based Dave [West], 61, bought the tickets in good faith thinking the cash was going to a worthy cause.

But after hearing of Thursfield's sacking he said: "It's disgraceful that someone should try to abuse the Beckhams, UNICEF and other charities in this way."

The sell-off was completely against the spirit of the movie-themed party to raise money for the United Nations Children's Fund - for which Becks is a goodwill ambassador.

But is it really against the spirit of the event (apparently, Tom Cruise and Madonna are going to be there - only a Rev Moon away from the full set, of course)? It's a lavish event in which people will be competing to show off how rich they are salving their consciences that the conspicuousness of their consumption is okay because it's all going to channel some money to starving people. Selling the tickets on for a profit isn't depriving UNICEF of any money - they've got the cover price - so what, exactly, is the problem with someone paying over the odds to get into what is effectively a PR stunt for the attendees?

The agency which sold the tickets to the smugfest, Bluefish UK, has sacked its managing director John Thursfield. Presumably, it's also sending its mark-up to charity.

David and Victoria can hardly contain their delight at this making the papers:

Posh and Becks said in a statement: "We are very grateful to the Mirror for bringing this to our attention."

Is that it? Not any offer of a muffin basket to say thank you or anything?

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