Monday, April 10, 2006


Chances of an England World Cup victory are looking more slim than ever: apparently Ashley Cole's match fitness relies on "saucy bedroom workouts" with Cheryl Tweedy:

Cheryl says: “I’ve been doing my best to help him keep fit.

“We tackle each other in the bedroom, and he loves me massaging his feet.”

Let's hope she's been getting him used to facing the disappointment of an early departure from the competition as well.

Still, it's all a fascinating insight into how they have sexy fun together, Ashley Cole and Cheryl Tweedy, together, from The Sun. Nothing to do with Cole suing their sister paper over stories placing him at a gay orgy. It's kind of like Murdoch's other tabloid, The Times running a story on Cole's lawyers demanding to know from Google if it was an "editorial" decision that typing in "Ashley Cole" generates "See results for: ashley cole gay".

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ian said...

Given the amount of games that Cole has played this year, it's hardly supporting the newspaper's case, is it?

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