Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Is there no end to the talents of Shayne Ward, who won a singing career on 3-2-1 or something? He's not just a singer, you know: oh no, he can MC. He says.

"I can MC. People don’t know that and it will definitely surprise them. Every time I used to go out on a night out with my mates I used to do it. It was fun."

Well, to be fair, he managed to roll out a karaoke act into a number one, so why shouldn't he fondly picture himself accepting a Mobo?

"I'm not sure what direction I will head towards in the future. It's something I will consider.

"People think I look like the sort of guy who just likes soft stuff - but I like every type of music. The only things I don’t like are heavy metal or heavy rock."

So you don't only like soft music, you like anything that's not heavy? Righto, Shayne.

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