Wednesday, April 19, 2006


When we left Whitney she was wearing a huge diaper and peering through spyholes. At least, according to Tina "sister-in-law of Bobby" Brown.

Now she's back telling us that Houston has gone into rehab. Although nobody seems sure:

According to Tina, Whitney's husband Bobby Brown was not told she was having treatment when he returned home from tour in Georgia.

Tina said: "At first he thought she was just off on another drug binge.

"It took a few days to find out from Whitney's family that they had talked her into rehab.

"All Bobby told me is that she is in treatment, in a secluded place."

So, then, she decided against doing the ever-popular Blaine-style rehab in a glass box in the middle of a public place, then.

It is a full year since Whitney last did rehab, and that was a success, wasn't it?