Saturday, April 15, 2006


Oddly enough, Will Young doesn't like his early stuff. Now, normally this would prove tricky, because how can a star say "my early stuff was so pisspoor, if you liked it you must have been off your chump", when all of your current fans would have paid for that stuff back then.

Will has come up with a way: it's not that he thought it was shit at the time, it's just that we've all grown a lot since then, haven't we?:

"I don't think [Evergreen] is a great song. I think I've done better songs. When you look back at the stuff you've done, like videos, you think, 'I'd do that very differently now.'

"One of the best things about the job I do is that you'll always change and evolve and I couldn't really just stay in one place. You do tend to look back and see stuff differently."

He doesn't explain how his new stuff is different from the old stuff, but just as an Irishman can discern many different shades of green, clearly Will can tell the difference between apparently identical shades of bland.