Friday, May 05, 2006


In what might have been a last-ditch attempt to draw attention to their own comeback, Tony Mortimer out of East 17 has launched a limp attack on Take That:

“They are just a trumped-up Village People tribute band. They covered Barry Manilow!”

“Would there be that much interest in Take That if they hadn’t played the Robbie card?”

Well, frankly, yes. In fact, there'd probably have been more if they hadn't, at least round our house.

More to the point, would there have been any interest at all in East 17 if they hadn't had one of their members manage to drive over himself in an argument about the price of potatoes or whatever it was meant to have been?

Still, that suggestion that the That are a band who exist to do little more than work through copies of a famously gay act will really hit home, Tony. Now, could you sign this copy of your version of West End Girls, please?