Tuesday, May 02, 2006


David Bowie is thinking of spending the next twelve months watching Deal or No Deal and - perhaps - trying his hand at crown green bowling. He's fed up with the music industry and is taking a year off:

"I'm fed up with the industry and I've been fed up for quite sometime," the 59-year-old told the New York Metro.

"I'm taking a year off, no touring, no albums. I go for a walk every morning, and I watch a ton of movies. One day, I watched three Woody Allen movies in a row."

Bowie said he had no interest in writing musicals despite reports he is involved in penning the music for a new Broadway production about Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee.

"I might do opera. But I don't have a musical in me, much less a vampire musical," he said.

We wonder what that last comment could possibly mean - surely the Dame wouldn't be taking a pop at Elton John's Lestat, would he?