Wednesday, May 24, 2006


There's one thing you can say for David Cameron - since he made Embarrassing Dad the default setting for would-be Prime Ministers, he's certainly brightened up the political world as people with no real life beyond the red boxes and green benches suddenly send their researchers off to come up with evidence that they're young and cool (note to research team: is 'cool' still what young people say?). Take Gordon Brown:

Nor will he reveal what he wears in bed - "That's between me and the bed sheets" - but says the Arctic Monkeys on his iPod "really wakes you up in the morning".

There is such a thing as trying too hard, you know, Gordon.

Watch out for Tony Blair fighting back by answering every enquiry in Prime Minister's Questions today "Yeah, but, no, but..."

Could there be something more to Brown's liking for the Monkeys, though? They've just dumped an akward colleague who could have been holding them back from getting the ultimate prize... no, nothing there to offer Gordon hope.