Monday, May 29, 2006


While it's understandable that she might be upset at the popular view of her as a gold-digging heartless self-publicist, what's curious is why Heather Mills feels she needs to right this apparent wrong.

But she does, so she's plotting a TV interview where she can put her side of the story, and, presumably having seen Trevor McDonald's interview with Charles the other week, she's hoping to get him to do the questions.

Trevor's Charles interview was so fawning, it didn't even really need the heir to the throne to be there: in fact, Trevor accepted his questions were so soft he took to answering them for himself. You can see why Mills thinks this is man for her job, even although McDonald isn't actually an interviewer. Perhaps because he isn't an interviewer.

If Mills is hoping to pull off a Diana Spencer by going on telly to blub over how awful it all was, though, she might find herself worse off at the end of it. Because giving a "warts and all" account of her marriage in return for an ITV cheque sounds more like the sort of whining, money-grubbing behaviour for which she's starting to get a reputation.