Friday, May 19, 2006


We weren't actually aware that those bits of kit which let your iPod play through your car radio via the magic of low-power FM were illegal, but they apparently are in Europe. Now, though, the Lib Dems are calling for them to be legalised:

The party's shadow culture secretary Don Foster said it was "ridiculous that 1940s legislation is preventing the iPod generation from enjoying their music using the latest gadgets".

He added: "iTrips can be used in the US without disturbing the airwaves, so [Ofcom] must provide compelling evidence why they can't be used here."

Of course, if you got one of those things that turns your iPod into an FM receiver as well, you could use the iTrip to transmit FM radio through your FM radio.

More airwave disturbance from yesterday: someone had left their marine radio on while listening to Radio One, therbey rebroadcasting The Nation's Favourite to coastguards via their distress channel. Colin and Edith put out a special announcement, and the problem was solved:

A spokesman for the coastguard said the appeal worked and the channel was clear shortly afterwards at 1630 BST.

An "embarrassed" boat owner in a boat yard had left the emergency channel on by mistake, the spokesman said.

Come on, mate, there's no need to be embarrassed. Lots of people listen to Colin and Edith.