Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The world is quite keen to offer them all the chance to slip off quietly unseen, by the McFadden-Katonas aren't taking the hint. Currently, it's former singer Brian McFadden who's telling anyone who'll listen that Kerry is an unfit mother. Pity he didn't twig that before he impregnated her. Twice. Not that this is about Brian being a poor judge of character:

The ex-Westlife singer also insisted Kerry uses their daughters Molly, four, and Lilly-Sue, three, as weapons in a personal vendetta against him.

It's not entirely clear how running to the papers saying her mothering skills are lacking gives him the moral high ground on this one.

Brian says "Kerry has a different best friend practically every month and recently she seems to have a different man just as often."

Not like dependable old Bri, of course, who has clung to Delta Goodrem like a man clutching a liferaft since they started seeing each other. That would have been while he was married to Kerry, of course, but at least when McFadden walks out on his two preschool kids, he stays walked out.

Brian, everyone would like to see better behaviour on all sides. But if you're going squawk about fitness for parenthood, you might wonder if slagging your kids' mum off in the Daily Mirror is the best way to demonstrate your own.