Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The UK Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Brits Lifetime Achievement awards. NMEW godlike genius awards. What does that tell you?

That there's too many lifetime achievement prizes in music?

Perhaps... or perhaps it means that people like them, and let's have some more.

XFM thinks its the latter, and so is creating their very own hall of fame. And you - yes, you - can decide which of the totally surprising shortlisted suggestions wins the, um, accolade.

The Clash - Punk legends and inspiration for generations of bands.
Muse - The scale, the ambition, the live shows, the guitar solos!
Nirvana - The genius group who dragged alternative rock into the mainstream.
Oasis - Liam and Noel, heroes of Britpop and beyond.
Radiohead - The most musically innovative group of the decade.

The explanations of who these people are suggests there might be a problem here: if you need to have the who of Oasis explained to you (rather than the why), you probably shouldn't be voting for a lifetime achievement award.


Anonymous said...

Haha, seeing Muse included alongside Radiohead sure is a funny sight.....maybe if people would stop bullshitting with all that "most innovative anything ever" crap the Radiohead boys won't risk getting dragged into self parody territory just too soon....

ian said...

I concur. Muse? Did someone good (or even mediocre) refuse to be on the shortlist or something?

Anonymous said...

I quite like Muse, but I was surprised to see them on the shortlist. Surely there must be more deserving candidates?

Actually, it hasn't gone down that well with a number of XFM listeners - Lauren Laverne was saying that she's been getting loads of texts and e-mails saying, "Muse?! But they've only released three albums!"

Anonymous said...

but at least there three half decent album's not like oasis

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