Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Perhaps the most astonishing thing about Radio One's Station of the Year victory in the Sony Radio Awards is not that it won while its line-up is, relatively speaking, fairly stodgy, but that it never won when it had much more inventive programming going on. Moyles, Mills and Murray get a gong, but Peel, Morris and Radcliffe era didn't?

Mind you, there is a lingering suspiscion that the award givers don't actually listen to the radio at all, never mind the shows they give prizes to: Chris Moyles, it seems, is the most entertaining show in the Kingdom. Equally extraordinary: Kerrang, in its West Midlands FM version, won Station of the Year in the potential audience of a million or above category.

The best award - ironically, coming from a sponsor whose interests include a BPI-funding company who whinged about it - was a special prize to Radio 3's Beethoven experience for inspiring 1.4 million free downloads.