Saturday, May 27, 2006


Apparently, Robbie Williams finds when he goes online, he can't discover anybody saying anything nice about him.

We wonder why. Apparently, he now talks about himself in the third person:

"Look we could all psychoanalyse Robbie Williams. I'm not desperate to be in a relationship. It's another piece of the jigsaw, that's all.

"I'm alone. I'm not lonely. I'm OK. I've got the computer and the sleeping pills. Things are fine.

"I know people will say, 'Check out the ego on Robbie Williams going online to see what people say about him.' But it's never anything nice!"

(Oddly, if you were to pump Robbie Williams into Google, you come up with scrolls and scrolls of fan-based worship sites, but then if he's searching while dosed up on sleeping pills, maybe he's mispelling his name 'LARDY OLD MOAN BOX' or something.)

Still, it's nice to know that a pack of nytol and unlimited Broadband from Tiscali is all he needs to keep himself cheerful. Now he's found that, could he please stop releasing records and bring a sense of joy to all our lives?


Anonymous said...

green eyed monster perhaps?

not all fan sites are naff

i recomend

signed: Robbie :)

goody haha

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is something to his "unpopularity" in North America?? Or is that the I might be or might not be GAY factor?

Anyways WE love him....check out

Anonymous said...

when Robbie Williams meets the right woman, he won't be afraid of any relationship, on the contrary, he will be ready to get married and have a beautyful family. that's what I wish him.
love from Lithuania,
P.S. try to get sleep without the pills;)

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