Tuesday, May 02, 2006


We don't know how much will make it to the screen when it turns up on ITV, but the celeb go-karting thing in Wales sounds less like a charity event, and more like a bid to whittle down the number of stars appearing on the inner-pages of Heat.

Myleene Klass crashed herself badly up on a practice lap - presumably her new breasts made her kart top-heavy - and was dragged off to hospital screeching in agony. (If you heard the second Hear'Say album, you'll know what that sounds like.) Seeing this, Shane from Boyzone suddenly remembered he had an urgent appointment somewhere where his pretty face might not get all mangled up, and walked out. Then Darren Campbell (some sort of runner) drove over the foot of TV autocue-mumbler Debbie King.

The sponsor's spokesperson tried to quash ideas this might have been a bit of a PR disaster:

“Myleene was checked in hospital before being sent home.

“As far as we know she is fine, but bruised and shaken I’m sure.”

That doesn't sound too much like they don't really know or care, does it?