Saturday, May 06, 2006


When angry man Henry Rollins needs to top up his anger - and that can be as often as three or four times a day - where does he turn?

CNN, oddly enough, and Lou Dobbs. Yes, Lou Dobbs:

"Every day at 3 p.m. I will (watch) Lou Dobbs. ... I think he's a straight-shooter. He's the only guy taking a major segment of his one hour a day to talk about immigration, which I think is really important right now. He's always the guy talking about China. I pay attention to him -- I mean, he's not the do-all and end-all of my information-gathering, but he's one guy I always try to tune into."

We've been watching a lot of US News this week, and we're a little puzzled that Rollins thinks you'll only hear about immigration on Dobbs' show - they were even working it into the travel news yesterday on ABC 24/7. The other oddity is that Henry likes to work, he says:

"Heidi will be the first to tell you that I'm pathetic. (Laughs) I just don't have much of a life beyond the work. It's all that really interests me, quite honestly. I'm happy when I'm working and I'm not thinking about myself -- that's when I'm at my best."

You love to work, and yet by three you're sat with a teacake and the remote flicking through CNN? What sort of work ethic is that?

But then, we don't want to make Rollins angry. We wouldn't like him when he's angry. Not as much as he loves himself, anyway:

"I am an angry guy, but I'm not like some dog-kicking, 'Bah humbug!' guy. In my opinion, my anger is good. It's a civic anger."

Civic anger, fuelled by CNN. He must growl every time he sees a petrol pump with three dollar fuel in it.