Sunday, June 11, 2006


The Sunday Mirror also claims that Macca had no idea the wife was a former pornstar:

A close friend revealed: "Paul is dumb-struck at the photos. Absolutely stunned.

"He has always been aware that Heather did glamour modelling when she was younger, but this is totally different."

Macca is privately furious that Heather's camp tried to persuade the public that he had always known about the snaps.

Really? And where might the impression that Thumbsaloft knew all about this have come from in the first place?

How about, erm, the Sunday Mirror's stablemate, the Daily Mirror, which ran claims that McCartney was more worried than surprised on Thursday:

And her estranged husband dismissed claims they had left him "shocked beyond belief".

He told friends: "There's nothing in her past I don't know about. Nothing. I knew she'd done the pictures before we married. It was such a long time ago."

So... is the Sunday Mirror telling us we shouldn't believe anything we read in the Daily Mirror?