Saturday, June 10, 2006


The signing up for the crisp adverts and the terrible, terrible "don't you love the Orient"/"No, I support Cardiff" gag was a sign that maybe Charlotte Church was taking her eye off the ball a litte.

Now, this:

“I can’t stand that girl [Rebecca Loos]. If I met her I would spit on her, seriously.

“She gives women a bad name, cashing in with her kiss-and-tell.

“I saw Sharon Osbourne at the Glamour awards and congratulated her for what she said on X Factor.

“Me and Gavin had been watching the show shouting, ‘Go on Sharon.’ She was brilliant, I love her.”

So... selling your entire family as a freakshow to MTV is an admirable trait, as is launching blunt, bitchy attacks on other people, but selling a story to the paper is an act which is unacceptable. We're trying to re-calibrate our responses.