Monday, June 12, 2006


It's great to hear that Kylie is back playing live - indeed, in a few short months it might be possible for a red-top to print her name with prepending "brave" to it - but we do feel ever so slightly sorry for Dannii.

Yes, you heard. We feel sorry for her.

We imagine she thought that inviting her sister to pop out onstage during her GAY date was a smooth PR move, but the end result was, effectively, to sideline the Supermarket Own Brand Minogue at her own moment in the Sun.

A "source" (which we take it means the paper spoke to a ho-mo-sex-yew-all) said:

“There were a few tears. It has been a very emotional road for the girls. No one knew for sure whether Kylie would ever perform again, but she is obviously desperate to get back on stage.

“Dannii looked a bit embarrassed when Kylie started singing one of her songs — I don’t think she had expected that.

“But then she joined in and the pair of them sang a chorus without backing music. They sounded amazing.

“Dannii has been so supportive to Kylie over the last year, Kylie wanted to show she was there for her too.”

It's perhaps most humiliating for Dannii that people seem to think her releasing an album is kind of on a par with Kylie being life-threateningly ill.