Thursday, June 29, 2006


We had assumed that Dido was still releasing records, but they'd become so slight and flyaway that only dogs listening to Magic FM very, very carefully were aware of their existence.

But it turns out she's spent the last year or so working her passage on a North Sea Ferry, and so hasn't made any records at all.

Now she's coming back: possibly with an album for the Christmas market.

Producer Jon Brion suggests she's going for a change of direction, by adding some sort of substance to the record:

"I think people have disregarded the emotional aspects of her writing, because the way the records have been presented make the music seem a little flat. But in terms of her singing, she's just an absolutely unbelievable, naturally great singer, in truth one of the greatest I've ever worked with. There's a certain kind of restraint in record making that she doesn't want anymore. That's good. That's a recipe for finding new things."

Aaah... it was the way the records had been presented which made them a little flat, and nothing to do with them being a little flat at all. Even though she managed to make a song about being a hunter, say, sound like a tune about nipping up the petrol station for a Picnic bar and a bottle of Panda Pops.

We suspect all this will mean is that she'll have a pair of leather trousers on in one of the videos.


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